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The Future of Shared Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are considered to be the future of the automotive industry. The widespread adoption of autonomous cars will change everything from how we travel to our cities, towns, and states to how we conduct business and even how we communicate with others. Read this article about the future of autonomous vehicles to see what

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man showing vehicle features to a buyer

Vehicle Technologies You Should Look For When Buying a Modern Car

If you want to buy a modern car nowadays, get ready for an array of technical terms describing vehicle technologies that come as packaged features, often optional, for you to choose from. They may leave you confused, but don’t be fooled. Some of them could be as important as your car’s engine and other critical

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couple on a boat

Owning a Boat: Advantages and Disadvantages

A boat is a vehicle that is capable of maneuvering through the water. A boat can be powered in different ways, including by sails or an engine. Owning a boat comes with advantages and disadvantages. It is up to boat owners to deal with the challenges so that they can make the most out of

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Long Drive Adventure: How to Get Your Vehicle Ready

Many people go on a long road trip for exploring and self-development reasons. It’s a great way to see new places, experience new cultures, and meet new friends. Plus, you get to have the chance for self-reflection, become more open-minded, and have time to refresh and recharge. But how is it for your car? In

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cruise ship

Pointers for Going on a Cruise during a Pandemic

The cruise industry experienced huge losses after the pandemic started over a year ago. The outbreak on the Japanese Diamond Princess, where 712 out of 3,711 people got infected by the virus, highlighted this situation. But after the authorities administered more than 320 million vaccine doses, Celebrity Edge of Celebrity Cruises became the first cruise ship

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Understanding How Car Safety Goes Beyond Getting a License

After hosting the Indy 500 for decades, Indiana residents know there’s more to car safety than just getting a license. There are multitudes of ways to keep your drives safe, but the most basic ones are the most effective. Drive Defensively Anything can happen on the road; the secret is staying alert and giving yourself

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The Huge Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Public Transportation

Singapore residents remain satisfied with public transportation in their country. According to a poll, 80% of residents admitted that they were satisfied with public transportation services. This is remarkably high compared to several other countries around the world. Buses, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), and even taxis are usually packed, especially during peak hours. Unfortunately, these

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Simple Ways to Grow Your Auto Business Online

If you’re still relying on paper leaflets and cheesy commercials to get people to come to your car dealership, then you’re doing it wrong. The future of business is digital, and you need to make the transition soon if you don’t want to be left behind. A social media presence allows you to reach a

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Four Road Safety Innovations to Know About This 2020

There are a number of exciting innovations in transport safety that have been safely tested in many countries and, soon, could be available in newer car markets around the world. Road safety has always been an important agenda for the automotive industry since it is the life and limb of the motorist and passenger, who

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camper van life

What’s the Perfect Camper for You?

They say that at least once in your life, you should try to hit the road and go on a major road trip. Have you tried it before? Are you thinking about going on a road trip once more? Today, road trips are much more convenient. You don’t need to cramp yourselves in a tiny

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