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10 Upgrades That Will Bring Your Old Car Into The Future

Your old car might be outdated and boring, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth upgrading. In fact, there are many different ways that you can boost your car to bring it into the future. You can install new features like a touch screen display, a built-in GPS system, a better sound system, and more

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8 Tips To Protect Your Car From Extreme Heat And Sunlight

Heat is the primary cause of damage to cars in the summer. Heat expands metal and can buckle plastic, but the heat also causes paint to crack and peel. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are just as bad for your car’s exterior, causing it to fade more quickly than usual. The good news is there are

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The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in the Auto Industry

Driving your own car is a great experience indeed, but what if you can still improve that? Technology has its way of giving people that unique way of doing things. Nowadays, the auto industry has been growing using artificial intelligence (AI). In effect, cars have shown a different driving experience than before. Cars are now

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The Internet of Things: Applications in the Automotive Industry

Have you ever wondered how connected cars work? It uses IoT technology. Internet of Things (IoT) uses electronics, actuators, gateways, platform hubs, and connected sensors to monitor and control an environment along with the objects and devices within it over a wireless network. Connected objects and devices share data and work together without humans operating

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Cars and Technology: the Future of Navigation

When it comes to innovation on the road, the future is here. Self-driving cars have proven to be more complicated than anticipated elsewhere in most AI inventions. Today, you can purchase a vehicle that will immediately stop for you if it predicts a collision or assist you in staying within your zone. What’s more, there

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The Evolution of the Automotive Industry to Luxury

We can all imagine how people back in the day struggled to get from place to place. The history of transportation starts from having to walk on foot to get almost everywhere. Humans learned to ride their sturdier animal companions like horses and donkeys to get to farther distances a bit quicker and without getting

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Why an Auto Repair Shop Should Be Your Next Business Venture

There are many benefits to running an auto repair shop. One of the main benefits is that auto repair shops can make a lot of money, especially if they specialize in one type of auto service. However, just like running any business, auto repair shops need to be appropriately managed to stay lucrative. Otherwise, your

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Long Drive Adventure: How to Get Your Vehicle Ready

Many people go on a long road trip for exploring and self-development reasons. It’s a great way to see new places, experience new cultures, and meet new friends. Plus, you get to have the chance for self-reflection, become more open-minded, and have time to refresh and recharge. But how is it for your car? In

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Technologies to Watch Out For in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry in the United States is one of the biggest globally, with every major manufacturer having their vehicles produced in the country. The market has held steady even in these difficult times and is on the road to recovery since 2021. Furthermore, the industry has undergone massive changes, especially in the last few years, with a heavy

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Running Longer Miles: Automotive Repair Tech Trends of 2021

Several developments and difficulties in the automotive sector prepare to alter the automotive and car repair prospects for 2021 and beyond. Auto repair shops keen to guarantee that they survive these disruptive trends and prosper in 2021 must immediately begin to prepare their shops and employees for a radically different future since new and transformational

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